There is MORE to life than MONEY

Achieving What Matters To You Is Your #1 Goal

Here’s why this solution is better than mortgage insurance offered by your bank.

You choose the beneficiary and they choose how to use the benefit.

Coverage stays, no matter where you bank.

Fully underwritten at time of application, no surprise at time of claim.

What I do

I’m NOT product focused. My focus is about YOU.  

I’m a mom, a spouse, a business owner and a community member.  I’m also a financial advisor (my clients would refer to me as their financial friend).

Just like you'd go to a friend for advise on life events impacting you. My clients come to me for advise and help with financial challenges impacting them.

why I do it

More than a third (41%) of Canadians rank money as their greatest stress

The stress of money and debt is most likely robbing you of the pleasures of life that you deserve.

I don't want that for you.  I want to help you achieve less stress and more happiness in your life through financial confidence.


What they say

Holly Pender-Love


I strongly recommend the services of Barb MacKay for personal estate planning. Previously intimidated by attempts to seek financial planning assistance, I found this process straight forward and simply methodical. Every step was supported by prompt service. I may now enter retirement, knowing that my finances are in order and adequate to my needs.

Laurel T Colins


Working with Barb was so simple and quick. I feel so much better now that I have my financial affairs and will in order and I wish I had contacted her sooner. The peace of mind I have now is so worth it. Thanks Barb for making this process so pleasant as well. I fully endorse and trust Barb and look forward to having her assistance with my future needs.

Connecting Your WHOLE Picture

When I went into this industry, I've made a commitment that I will help my clients with their entire life as it relates to financial impact. 

That is why every relationship looks at these 4 pillars to freedom.

Contact Information

943 7th Avenue
Castlegar, British Columbia
V1N 1S2, Canada


Phone: (250) 608-3900