What is Estate Administration Planning?

A basic "Estate Plan" includes an updated will, power of attorney and living will.   In Canada, you have many options for putting these basic pieces in place, from professional services to online processes.  Find the option that is right for you. Contact us for more information.

But if you are like most people your estate, beneficiaries and executor/trustees would benefit from the added efficiencies of estate coordination.

The Canadian Estate Coordinators apply a customized process to document your estate needs and goals efficiently.   Imagine empowering your chosen representatives to act on your behalf in the event of sickness, injury or death.   RIGHT NOW - do your loved ones know your health, financial and estate wishes? AND could your wishes be carried out legally?

Our professional customized plans provide peace of mind.  Whether you have a young family, are retired or preparing for one of lifes' transitions - Now is the best time to start your plan!

ask questions - Gain clarity

Barb MacKay

Remember, you're not alone in your estate journey

The first step is having a conversation with us.

Step 1:
Phone Call

Begins with an hour consultation. Here you will be able to ask your questions and describe the concerns or estate goals you may have. This allows us to understand you better.

Step 2:
Executor Checklist

We send you an Executor Checklist to review some of the tasks an executor will have to accomplish for you and your estate. This is a great time to take notes and ask further questions.

Step 3:
Administrative Guide

We begin the journey of collecting  information, identifying priorities and ensuring key elements are in place.  Once we know what is missing, we outline your options. We are here to support you.

Step 4: 
Plan Review

There are 10 areas to be documented and reviewed.  Clients feel peace of mind as our custom process comes together in detail and is applied to their unique situations.  A yearly update is also completed and ensures documents and wishes are updated.

Step 5: 
Complete Estate Plan

You receive a fully completed Canadian Estate Administration Kit customized to your specific wishes. This kit is well layed out, easy to follow and increases the efficiency and ease of administering an estate for an POA, executor or trustee.

By following these 5 steps - your executor will have the instructions and guidance they need to avoid many obstacles.  The time after a loved one is injured or passes is very emotional and stressful.  Pre-planning provides documented and clear guidelines to follow that comply with provincial legislation.

Eliminate un-necessary stress and confusion for your loved ones.  It can be challenging to process new information, manage relationships, navigate family dynamics and adhere to the law during a stressful time. The Canadian Estate Administration Kit provides the direction and support your representatives need.  Allow us to support you and your family by following our plan and building a relationship with us.

We were at a point in our lives, where we had to make major decisions about our future plans. Together with Barb, we were able to create a more efficient plan to accomplish these goals. She has given us clarification on what to do and introduced us to key people to make this plan happen. Thanks so much for everything and we are looking forward to continue working with Barb.

Debbie Veitch

I felt very stuck in my financial situation but there were many options that I was unaware of that Barb was able to point out to me and walk me through. Her level of expertise provided me assurance that everything will work out. I have been able to create new habits and my stress level regarding money has dropped significantly.

Megan Esau

So far I not had any issues with the product I have requested. I find the service warm and prompt when asking a question.

Rejeanne Bureau

By working with Barb, she showed me how I could knock years off my mortgage term, as well as other financial tips that at I have put into practice with great results! It's a real shame they don't teach this in school! Thanks Barb! Next step is my estate planning!


What I enjoyed most was the clarity and reasurance I felt having my will complete. knowing I can get the answers I need and the support I need as things change for a reasonable rate. I measure my time on value and hope I can pass on what I recieved so far from the help Barb gave me. Life is full and having certain things taken care of makes it easier to relax. Aaron, Vancouver Island

Aaron Bellmore

I liked how patient you were with me as you explained my options. Beginning with the end in mind is so important when dealing with finances and insurance and you do it very well. I was surprised I didn't know what I didn't know and appreciate your experience with money and planning.

James MacKay

It's time to take the steps to avoid the chaos

​& Protecting The Future Of The Ones You Love


Many Canadian's hold off on properly planning their estates until it's either too late or it's rushed.  Plan now and ensure the future for your loved ones.

Stop Losing sleep

We find many Canadians are losing sleep and experiencing anxiety over their estate planning considerations, such as effective tax planning and probate.

Our plans takes all the guessing out of the process.


You've worked hard to get to where you are today.  Feel empowered and comfortable by taking responsibility for your estate and showing care and attention to your loved ones by making detailed decisions today. 

You Deserve The Peace Of Mind

Estates can become complicated if not planned properly.

Don't leave the decision of what happens to your life long legacy to government rules.  Gain control today and determine how you're remembered tomorrow.

​It all begins ​With A Call

Schedule Your FREE Estate Planning Call with me today

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